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The Air Chathams Sunshine and a Plate food festival celebrates our region’s bountiful produce and sunshine. Now in its fifth year this iconic event is not to be missed; with new and exciting events that incorporate the most successful and popular elements of our past, paired with beautiful locations to celebrate life.

Bringing a range of culinary delights, from gourmet food markets to tasting nights, foodie tours and fancy dinners, DC3 scenic flights, every year we switch up our most loved events and they get better every year. 


This festival goes beyond fundraiser, to celebration of life and food and the beauty of the Eastern Bay. It is about giving back to the wonderful community that supports Hospice, while also raising funds to help our patients live every moment, and awareness about the service we provide free of charge. We would like to sincerely thank our sponsors, supporters, volunteers, donors, and you the community for your past and ongoing support to make this event happen.

Thank you for joining us in living every moment, enjoy the beautiful Eastern Bay and support Hospice EBOP to continue providing its free service.

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